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Please fill out this form to its entirety, to create your affiliate account. You will be emailed your personal referral link.

What is a Brand Affiliate?

A brand affiliate ultimately earns money by promoting a product they enjoy and making a slice of the profit on every sale made.


  • No Quota

  • High ROI

  • No Inventory 

  • No Monthly Overhead

  • No Purchase Required

  • Flexibility

  • Weeky Payouts

  • Product/Services Discouts (Personal Orders Only)

How Will I Get Paid?

Pay per Sale, earn a commission for each Product/Service Sale you make. It’s a common payout model for ecommerce offers.

Pay per Business Referral, earn a commission for each Business you refer.The referral must result in a Business Partnership (ie Reseller or Private Label Business).

Payout Offer Types/Schedules

Cash App: Funds paid out weekly via Cash App

Zelle: Funds paid out weekly via Zelle

PayPal:Funds paid out weekly via Pay Pal

Venmo: Funds paid out weekly via Venmo

Which Program

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