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Your Hard work doesn't go unnoticed!

You have been selected as one of my Bp's of the week !

This Spotlight Opportunity includes :

  • (1) Complete Bio

Share your story (personal & business) via FB, Linked In, & IG

  • (1) Promo Reel Share (your videos of choice )

  • (1) 30 minute Live Segment with The N8 Visionary


Use this time to nurture, educate, & promote your business

  • Utilize OPP Promo


Promotion of your business reel , flyer , & live on all of our social media's & Website(s).

  • Tip: if you are a new brand , use this opportunity to leverage visibility, organic reach, & build authentic credibility

  • Please let me know if you are interested in in this opportunity & We can't wait to collab with you !

Thank you so much for your time

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

What we need from you

  • A signed media agreement (on the form above)

  • An application that includes all information

  • A Reel OR Videos of you interacting with your product or service, so that we can showcase . (If you choose to have us edit the video please send them all at once)

  • Photos: Logo & Photo of you (refer to sample flyer)

  • All social media handles (please share on the application)

  • Promo: Invite your tribe to interact with us during your segment.

  • Support on all platforms: Please utilize SELF (Share, Engage, Like, & Follow) on all applicable platforms.

  • Date Selection: All lives will stream on Wednesdays at 7pm CST. You will be pre-assigned a date , if it does not work for you , rescheduling is available.

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