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Y'Keitha Atkins is a dynamic Client Relationship & Business Consultant with a keen eye for networking, branding, and problem-solving. She dedicates her expertise to assessing her clients' needs and linking them with the right resources and solutions to fuel their success.

Y'Keitha's brand, The N8 Experience, serves as an umbrella for an array of interconnected businesses, all designed to harmonize and support each other while operating independently.

Y'Keitha provides vital consulting services to startups, assisting in planning and branding to position businesses for success. She is committed to helping her clients navigate the challenges of starting and running a business.

With a broad network of professionals, Y'Keitha excels in connecting people and businesses to satisfy their needs. She believes that fostering relationships and collaborations is key to growth and prosperity.

The N8 Experience

Business Consulting


The N8 University is an exclusive members-only learning center that Y'Keitha has developed. It serves as a platform where businesses can mentor, coach, sell their products/services, and join a business directory. This reciprocal arrangement benefits both learners and educators who pay a nominal monthly fee for access to this enriching community.

Through her travel company, The N8 Travel Club, Y'Keitha organizes exciting events and trips. These experiences are designed to foster community building while also generating additional income.

Y'Keitha's income sources are diverse and dynamic. They include consulting, branding, mentoring, discovery calls, ebooks, monthly memberships, business directory listings, and future avenues such as ads and trip bookings.

The N8 Experience is more than just a brand; it's a comprehensive suite of businesses that work together to drive mutual growth and success. Each venture within The N8 Experience contributes to a vibrant ecosystem where businesses can thrive and grow, guided by Y'Keitha's unwavering commitment to their success.


Events & Trips

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